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The U Combinator research group at the University of Utah has an open
postdoc position in static analysis.  The position, funded by a joint
project between the University of Utah and Northeastern University,
brings the opportunity direct and engage a vibrant laboratory of
graduate students.

Top candidates will exhibit strength in all of the following areas,
but candidates with expertise in at least two areas are encouraged to

  (1) static analysis,
  (2) functional programming, and
  (3) security.

The aim of the underlying project is to develop precise and scalable
security-oriented static analyses for Android applications.  At the
same time, the project requires deep foundational thrusts in static
analysis of higher-order programs.

The position will be annually renewable by mutual consent for up to
three years, subject to the availability of funding.

To apply, please send a CV and a brief statement of interest to Matt
Might (might at cs.utah.edu).

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