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The programming languages group in the Department of Computer Science at 
the University of Maryland, College Park is offering a post doctoral 
position in language-based security, with an emphasis on static and 
dynamic analysis.


The aim of the project is to apply programming language-based techniques 
to improve the security of modern software.  Our focus is on software 
running on embedded devices, including Android mobile phones and 
distributed sensor networks.  While many aspects of security are in 
play, our core interest is developing novel and expressive protections 
of resource and data privacy, in particular by employing mechanisms to 
authorize, minimize, and audit (reason about) the flow of information 
between an application and its environment.

The work will include both theoretical development and implementation of 
practical tools.


Applicants to this position must have received their PhD, or completed 
the requirements for their PhD, when the appointment begins.  A strong 
background in at least two of the following research areas is desired 
(the more, the better!):

- Program analysis (with some background in abstract interpretation 
preferred), including those based on type systems
- Formal methods
- Software security
- Program transformation

We also expect that applicants to be good programmers, preferably in 
either Java or Objective Caml, and with some experience building 
non-trival software.  Some knowledge of Android development or sensor 
network programming would also be desirable, but is not required.

* Application deadline:  November 15, 2011 for full consideration.  The 
position will remain open until filled.

* Start date:  January 31, 2012 (at the earliest; negotiable)

* Duration:  1-2 years, depending on funding availability

Interested candidates should send their CV to mwh at cs.umd.edu and 
jfoster at cs.umd.edu and arrange to have two letters of recommendation 
emailed to the same addresses.

Additional information

Questions about this position should be directed to Jeff Foster 
(jfoster at cs.umd.edu) and Michael Hicks (mwh at cs.umd.edu).  For more 
information about the Maryland PL group, please visit


The University of Maryland is an equal opportunity, affirmative action 
employer.  Women and minorities are strongly encouraged to apply.

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