[hofa] ACM Computing Survey: Control-flow Analysis of Functional Programs

David Van Horn dvanhorn at ccs.neu.edu
Fri Feb 4 07:37:43 PST 2011

I just noticed that Jan Midtgaard's excellent survey on CFA has been 
accepted by ACM Computing Surveys and is now "forthcoming".  It's been a 
valuable resource to me and others; I recommend it to anyone interested 
in the literature on CFA.



Control-flow Analysis of Functional Programs
Jan Midtgaard, ACM Computing Surveys, 2010, forthcoming


We present a survey of control-flow analysis of functional programs, 
which has been the subject of extensive investigation throughout the 
past 30 years. Analyses of the control flow of functional programs have 
been formulated in multiple settings and have led to many different 
approximations, starting with the seminal works of Jones, Shivers, and 
Sestoft. In this paper, we survey control-flow analysis of functional 
programs by structuring the multitude of formulations and approximations 
and comparing them.

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